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Home IT infrastructure for FinTech companies

IT infrastructure for FinTech companies

A comprehensive ecosystem of resilient cloud products for FinTech on a single platform. We help financial organizations securely store and process customer personal data, payment card data, and banking transactions.

Our customer stories

Fintech / Uzbekistan

Reducing service downtime by 80%

Previous provider’s solutions

Low server performance leading to downtime and traffic loss
Inability to delegate key equipment support tasks
No option to work via API, no application clustering capability

After migration to Servercore

Downtime of digital services cut by 80%
30% reduction in IT infrastructure management time
Transition to a modern technology stack and a convenient resource management system

FinTech / Uzbekistan

Uzum Nasiya:
Seamless cloud migration in a month

Previous provider’s solutions

Use of VDS with limited capacity and functionality without the ability to scale
Lack of personalized solutions for business development
Lack of adaptive resource settings

After migration to Servercore

Deployment of flexible servers to ensure stable service operation
Design of custom Managed Kubernetes clusters for specific tasks
Reduced IT specialist costs

Cybersecurity / Uzbekistan

HWG Sababa:
How to localize IT infrastructure in 7 days

Client’s objectives

Localize IT Infrastructure to сomply with regional law on personal data
Delegate equipment setup and maintenance to the provider
Manage operational expenses for IT infrastructure

Servercore's solution

Provided cloud resources in a local data center certified for handling personal data
Ensured a 99.98% SLA, taking care of all technical and organizational aspects of resource deployment
Offered all resources for rent with the pay-as-you-go payment model

Aviation industry / Uzbekistan

Air Samarkand:
50% user growth through cloud migration

Client’s objectives

Seamlessly migrate a portion of IT infrastructure from on-premise to the cloud
Achieve uninterrupted operation and high availability of critical services
Delegate corporate portal administration

Servercore's solution

Organized a free turnkey migration, selected easily scalable and powerful cloud services
Ensured a 99.98% SLA for cloud servers, optimized the load to ensure high availability for users
Provided an administration service with free 24/7 technical support and continuous service monitoring

Tasks we solve

for Fintech companies

Payment data processing in compliance

with laws and global standards

We host your projects in a data center with local presence and PCI DSS certification.

Protecting financial platforms

from cyber threats and DDoS attacks

Ensuring servers with free DDoS protection.

Working with AI and Machine Learning

for deploying ML models

We provide a pre-configured IT infrastructure for training and deploying ML models.

Scalability and fault tolerance

under high loads

We provide cloud servers with the ability to instantly scale resources and load balancers.

Complete isolation of IT infrastructure

for banks and financial institutions

We provide a solution based on our own private cloud.

Store and back up data

for FinTech clients

We provide the necessary type of storage for tasks, help automate the backup process, and take backups on a schedule.

Reducing infrastructure management time

for FinTech clients ​

We take on the tasks of maintaining the uninterrupted operation of equipment.

Seamless migration from on-premise

or from another provider

Free of charge, we will transfer projects to our cloud and carry out their architectural refinement if necessary.

Cloud products for solving FinTech tasks

Component 17

Cloud Servers

Help during a sudden surge in load on a mobile app or website.

Dedicated Servers 

Suitable for static loads and situations where there are increased data security requirements.

Global Router

Connects cloud and physical infrastructure within a region into a single private network for free.
file 1

File Storage

Stores data for cloud and dedicated servers, Managed Kubernetes cluster nodes, and allows you to configure backups.
copy 1


A service for automating the creation of backups of physical and virtual machines, databases, files, and applications.


A versatile database for complex processes and calculations.
database 1


The most popular MySQL database with classic semi-synchronous replication.
bar-chart-2 1


An in-memory NoSQL database management system. Can work as both a database and a queuing system.
upload-cloud 1


Ready-to-use Apache Kafka clusters in the cloud.
terminal 1


An open-source time-series database.

Managed Kubernetes

A service for automating the deployment, scaling, and orchestration of containers.
bar-chart 2

Data Analytics Virtual Machine

Pre-configured virtual servers for optimizing work with analytics, BI, and Machine Learning.
code 1

Data Science Virtual Machine

Virtual servers for working with Python code in Jupyter, developing and training ML models.

Product demos with Servercore CTO

To help you create a resilient IT infrastructure for solving business tasks, we have prepared five short videos.
After watching, you’ll be able to

Servercore is stable, simple, and offers local infrastructure

Availability zones in Kenya, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan​
Compliance with GDPR and DPA 2019​
Free migration​
Billing in Kenyan shillings
IAM service for managing authorization and access levels
Payment by MPesa or bank transfer

SLA > 99,98%

Minimum level of availability


Payment data under protection

IaaS и PaaS

A wide range suitable for any task


Free technical support

Choose the region where you want 
to deploy your service

1 availability zone
Dedicated Servers
Cloud Servers
Managed Kubernetes
Tier 3
1 availability zone
Dedicated Servers
Cloud Servers
Managed Databases
Managed Kubernetes
Reliability level — N+1
Tier 2
2 availability zone
Dedicated Servers
Cloud Servers
Managed Kubernetes
Tier 2
1 availability zone
Dedicated Servers
Cloud Servers
Managed Databases
Managed Kubernetes
TIER III Facility
Tier 3

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