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Free migration 

to Servercore

Get closer to your customers. Fill out an application form and our engineers will do the rest.

Simple migration in 4 steps

We familiarize ourselves
with the project

We sign NDAs and prioritize the confidentiality of your project.

We develop Terms 
of Reference

Our aim is to ensure transparency 
at every stage of the process.

We build a robust infrastructure

We select the configuration based on the type and load level.

We cautiously move everything 
to Servercore

We verify connectivity and only release projects into production 
if they are fully functional.

Migration terms

We assist organizations 

of different sizes
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The minimum cost of infrastructure starts 
at $250/month or an equivalent amount 
in local currency (KZT, KES, UZS, or EUR)
We retain the stack
code (1) 1
We transfer the project without alterations, maintaining full alignment with the original source 
and its dependencies. If your project requires modifications, get in touch with our support team! We’ll know how to help.
Everything in due time
clock 1
We negotiate deadlines in advance and reschedule projects one at a time by sending a notice 
in advance.
If you’re looking to leverage Servercore’s features in your projects, consider adopting PaaS solutions or expanding server capacity.

User-friendly control panel

Transparent resource allocation 
and cost forecasting
User-friendly payment and document upload system
Guidelines for learning how to use 
our products on your own

Reliable provider

Payments in local

We accept payments in local currency for easy budgeting

High level of fault

Our cloud infrastructure boasts 
a 99.98% resilience rate

Our specialists are
always in touch

Free 24/7 technical support

Fully compliant with
security laws

We are fully compliant with local and international data security laws, including GDPR

Free migration to Servercore

Leave a request on this site. 

A manager will contact you to confirm.