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Home Data Analytics Virtual Machine (DAVM)

Data Analytics Virtual Machine (DAVM)

Ready-to-use virtual servers for optimized analytics, 
BI, and Machine Learning operations. Python, essential libraries, and tools for automated data processing 
and visualization — all bundled in one solution.

Key Advantages

Suitable for anyone
who works with data

A comprehensive toolkit for 
Data Scientists, Data Engineers, 
and Data Analysts.

Payment only
for cloud resources

Complete pay-as-you-go model: 
no charges for using software 
and licenses.

Launching DAVM
within a minute

Select the Ubuntu 20.04 operating system and a configuration with 
or without GPU to match your data volume and budget.

Own data processing

The solution brings together various Open Source tools (Jupyter Lab, Prefect, Apache Superset) and ensures secure access through Keycloak.

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