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Explore 15+ pre-tested server configurations for various budgets and business needs. Deploy servers in 60 minutes, with flexible lease terms starting from 1 day and local currency payment options. Get exclusive control over server resources with free DDoS protection.

High-performance hardware

We use Intel® Xeon® and AMD EPYC™ processors with base speeds up to 3.7 GHz, alongside fast NVMe disks. Timely updates are guaranteed, ensuring the latest hardware for your projects.

Automatic OS installation or boot from your image

Install ready-to-use images of Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, Windows Server, Proxmox, and Oracle from the control panel, with complete operating environments. Alternatively, provide your own OS image to boot.

Free replacement of components within 3 hours

No need to worry about finding new components — we’ve got you covered. Our team will quickly replace any malfunctioning components using our inventory, ensuring minimal downtime.

Unlimited traffic with 100 Mbps speeds included in the price

If your project is short on bandwidth, you can add more for an additional fee if required.

Streamlined management via a unified control panel or API

Choose the server configuration and the region where it will be deployed. Manage resources effortlessly through the control panel or use our API, complete with detailed documentation.

Businesses from startups to enterprises have experienced our service quality firsthand


Calculate the cost of your cloud infrastructure

Intel® Xeon® and AMD EPYC™ processors with base speeds up to 3.7 GHz are available, paired with fast NVMe disks.

Servercore is stable, simple, and offers local infrastructure

Availability zones in Kenya, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan​
Compliance with GDPR and DPA 2019​
Free migration​
Billing in Kenyan shillings​
IAM service for managing authorization and access levels
Payment by MPesa or bank transfer

SLA > 99,98%

Minimum level of availability


Payment data under protection​

IaaS и PaaS

A wide range suitable for any task


Free technical support​

Choose the region where you want 
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How to get started with a dedicated server

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Configuration selection

Study the information about available servers and choose an option that suits your needs.
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Ordering a server

Order a custom configuration or select a server with fixed configuration in the control panel.
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Study the information about pricing, billing models, and the payment process.
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Other sections

Working with a server

Get started with 4 easy steps

Step 1

Sign up for free in our control panel

Step 2

Add funds to your account

Step 3

Select products and resources

Step 4

Get started and pay as you go


You need a dedicated server if:

— Your web project requires a large disk space
— You lack sufficient virtual server resources for database hosting and operations
— You conduct mailings with a high volume of letters
— You need to install specific software
— There are particular security requirements for the storage of company data

Reach out to our technical support team. Email [email protected] or create a ticket in the panel. We will respond within one business day.
With a dedicated server rental, you receive free basic anti-DDoS protection and an unrestricted 100 Mbps internet channel. Moreover, our engineers will perform a free component replacement within 3 hours. You also have free access to our 24/7 online technical support for any questions.

The final cost depends on the server configuration (the number of cores, memory, etc.) and the rental duration. You can learn more about the tariff plans in the documentation. You can calculate the final cost in the control panel.

A tariff plan is established when you order a dedicated server in your user account in the control panel. This plan determines the duration of the paid period and the payment amount. By default, the payment day is set on the day the dedicated server is delivered, marking the start of the first paid period. The payment day can be adjusted in the control panel after placing the order. The server fee is automatically deducted from the balance in the panel according to the tariff plan.

You can learn more about the payment process for servers in the documentation.

Rentals for dedicated servers are available at various tariff plans:

— One day
— One month
— Three months — with a 3% discount
— Six months — with a 7% discount
— One year — with a 15% discount.

Once the period specified by the tariff plan ends, the server will automatically renew for the same duration. You can also change the tariff plan and payment day in the panel.

Without an OS installation, the server will be ready within 2 minutes after payment, and with an OS installation, it could take up to 60 minutes.

After placing an order, you can modify the configuration or upgrade components for certain servers, provided it is technically feasible. For more information on how and under what conditions this can be done, please refer to the documentation.

To request an upgrade or a custom solution, please create a ticket in the control panel or email [email protected] to get help from our team.

You can operate the server using either the control panel or API. In the panel, you can also launch a KVM console and remotely control the server’s power configuration.
All resources of a dedicated server, such as the CPU, memory, disks, etc., are exclusively yours and are used solely for your needs.
Moreover, you have complete control over the data, which is physically isolated from others.

Servercore is an international IT infrastructure provider with local presence in Kenya (Nairobi), Uzbekistan (Tashkent), and Kazakhstan (Almaty). We have local offices in all mentioned countries as well.

Your server will be hosted in any of our or partner data centers, depending on the location you rent it from. You can find more information about our data centers and operation areas in the documentation.

Servercore offers the option to create and store backups for dedicated servers. Backups can be stored in Servercore file storage. You can find out more information about it in our documentation.

Servercore guarantees 100% monthly availability for dedicated servers, and high availability for Chipcore dedicated servers — 99.8% monthly. If the servers are unavailable, we will financially compensate you for the downtime. For more details, please refer to our User Agreement and Terms of Use document.

All our data centers also comply with global and local data security standards and hold several certifications, including PCI DSS.

All of our servers come with basic DDoS attack protection.
A RAID array can be created for local disks. Some configurations come with two power supplies. We also recommend setting up a backup for additional data protection.

Several additional services and features of the Servercore platform are available for dedicated servers. In the control panel, you can easily order and try one of them in use:

— File storage
— Network connectivity with cloud servers via a global router
— Additional blocks of IP addresses, etc.

For assistance in selecting and connecting services, please contact our support team at [email protected]. Our managers will provide you with answers on any questions within one business day.

Yes, if you are a new Servercore client. To receive bonuses for server testing, email us at [email protected].

We use new Intel® Xeon® processors with a minimum frequency of 2.2 GHz and NVMe SSD drives for dedicated servers to ensure high performance of your services. Each server comes with a minimum of 16 GB DDR RAM.

Automatic OS installation from the Servercore control panel is available for all configurations of dedicated servers.
Ready-made images of Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, Windows Server, Proxmox, AlmaLinux, Oracle, and Rocky with a prepared operational environment and configured parameters are available.

If none of the images are suitable, you can upload your own in the control panel. Refer to the documentation to discover more information on this.

When renting a dedicated server, you are responsible for its operation, administration, and installation of necessary software. The server is managed remotely, and our engineers will promptly assist with the replacement of any components.

Servercore is responsible for ensuring an uninterrupted power supply to the equipment, maintaining the microclimate, providing service maintenance, and connecting to the local network and internet.

We also bear financial responsibility for the operation of the servers. We guarantee a 100% monthly SLA for dedicated servers and a 99.8% monthly SLA for Chipcore dedicated servers. For more details, please refer to our User Agreement and Terms of Use document.

Servercore offers free IT infrastructure migration. Fill out an application on our website and our engineers will seamlessly transfer your project to our platform.