Cost-saving IT infrastructure to power your business growth
Scalable and secure infrastructure for your projects
Available in Kenya, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan
Scalable and reliable data management in the cloud
Managed Cloud Databases
Effortless container orchestration for your applications
Power, performance, and control for your needs
Dedicated Servers
Virtual machines that scale with your business
Cloud Servers
Manage your IT infrastructure with ease from a single control panel
Calculate service cost with hourly accuracy
How to reduce IT infrastructure costs?
Get a free guide on how to cut infrastructure costs
Why trust Servercore
Servercore data centers comply with international standards and ensure stable operation of infrastructure under any workload.
Secure data storage
You can securely and reliably connect your infrastructure to major cloud providers. Our flexible bandwidth options can help reduce latency and improve security and compliance.
We have Global Connect
You are charged solely for the resources you have utilized. Payment can be made in US dollars or local currencies, such as Uzbekistan som, Kenyan shillings, and Kazakhstani tenge.
Transparent Pay-as-you-go billing
You can deploy your projects in three geographically distributed data centers located in Kenya, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan
Global infrastructure with local presence
Our global data center presence helps you comply with local regulations, including the GDPR.
Free Tech Support
Whether you have questions, encounter issues, or need guidance on selecting the best products and pricing plans, our team is always available to help.

Even if you’re not a customer yet, we’ll be happy to offer consultations and assist you in migrating to our infrastructure.
15-min Response Time
Support 24/7
You can get started with Servercore easily. Our services are available instantly.
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