Network Сonnectivity

Dedicated connection between client local IT infrastructure, Servercore installation and hyperblocks. Select your access point and channel width, and we'll handle the rest.

Two ways to connect your infrastructure

Direct Connect

Service for establishing a stable, high-bandwidth connection between units in your infrastructure without the need for internet access.

Global Connect

Dedicated connectivity between your infrastructure in Servercore and global providers. Guaranteed bandwidth with access to locations worldwide.

Our Advantage

Fault-tolerant IT infrastructure

Our data centers in different countries (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Kenya) ensure a high-quality connection, even during network failures.

No risk of being

All cloud resources are located in a single private network space, eliminating the risk of individual IP addresses being blocked.


The connection uses isolated channels, eliminating the need for VPN.


The configuration of network connectivity is done almost entirely by Servercore specialists. It helps startups focus on their tasks.


Pay in 4 different currencies: USD, UZS, KZT, and KES

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