Media Platform
High-quality streaming video content for viewers worldwide.
Our Advantage
The content delivery network is already enabled and pre-configured in the media platform, saving you time searching for a local provider.
Pre-configured CDN servers
Streaming video in 4K, 3D, and 360° allows for the creation of engaging, high-quality content.
Broadcasts in any format
The media platform operates under high loads, which ensures that the video transmission speed doesn't change, no matter the number of users.
Fault-tolerant platform
Adaptive streaming quality
Online streaming quality adjusts automatically based on the type of device and connection.
Pay in 4 different currencies: USD, UZS, KZT, and KES
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First 200 minutes
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201-500 minutes
501-1000 minutes
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1001-5000 minutes
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Over 5000 minutes
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