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Servercore Affiliate Marketing Program

Receive a monthly reward of 10% or 15%

Help us find new customers and receive a monthly reward, based on the value of services utilized 
by each client you refer.

Partnership Benefits

Easy Start
and Clear Conditions

Invite new users, while we take care of setting up and maintaining the infrastructure.


Rewards can be used to pay for Servercore services or withdrawn to a bank account or card.


Your earnings will increase as the customers you've referred consume more of our services.

Join the Affiliate Marketing Program

How much can you earn?

10% of the turnover

the starting percentage

< 500,000 KES/month

This is what you earn for every referred customer who spends up to 500,000 KES 
per month on Servercore services.

15% of the turnover

the maximum percentage

> 500,000 KES/month

If the customer you referred to us spends over 500,000 KES in a month, you receive 15% 
of that amount.

If the customer’s expenses drop below 500,000 KES at any point, your reward will 
go back to 10%. The percentage adjusts automatically.

Earn without

The Affiliate Program covers 
all company products.
user (1) 1
You can refer an unlimited number of customers 
to us and receive a reward for each of them.
Partnership Duration
clock 1
You continue to earn throughout the 
entire partnership, as long as your referrals 
use Servercore's services.
credit-card 1
You receive the exact amount you have earned, 
with no additional fees.
Legal Status
Frame 1321316221
Both legal entities and individuals 
can become partners.

About Servercore

Servercore is an international premium infrastructure provider with a local presence. Since 2021, Servercore has been assisting businesses in delivering services to users in countries experiencing significant technological growth.
Servercore supports businesses throughout all stages of servicing infrastructure, from IT system design and server selection to management, scaling, and reporting. All these services are accessible through a common control panel available at my.servercore.com

We help companies of all sizes across 
a variety of sectors

How to Become a Servercore Partner

Submit your application on this website. A manager will reach out to you to confirm your participation.
Disclaimer: Nothing in this announcement should be 
treated like an offer (a clearly stated proposal to enter 
into a legally binding contract), but only like an invitation 
to treat (an invitation to negotiate or make an offer).

Have a Question About the Program?

Send us a chat message or an e-mail at [email protected]. We’ll get back to you shortly.