Object Repository
S3 storage with automatic scaling under load. Conveniently store backups, datasets, and metadata in a scalable environment.
Our Advantage
Data is stored in three replicas available on servers in different data centers to ensure stable operation even in the event of a complete rack failure.
Data storage with three replicas
The solution quickly adapts to workloads and has no limit on the volume of objects.
Automatic scaling
Cold storage can be utilized for infrequently used data. This will help optimize costs.
Cost-effective pricing
Wide selection of tools
The storage is implemented on OpenStack Swift. FTP and SFTP protocols are available, as well as a number of popular tools, including AWS Cli, Rclone, and Cyberduck.
Pay in 4 different currencies: USD, UZS, KZT, and KES
Storage volume, GB
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Standard storage
Cold storage
Outbound traffic, GB
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GET, HEAD requests / PUT, POST, COPY requests
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Set your own storage and recovery policies with a flexible IAM system
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