Robust IT Infrastructure for Financial Organizations
How Servercore streamlines commercial and technical performance
Giving advice on Fintech hardware and ensuring smooth service performance under high loads.
Selecting a custom configuration
Filtering all external and internal traffic to protect customer funds. Setting up a system to fend off cyberattacks.
Helping you secure your data
Promptly adding CPU, RAM, and disks to work with high-load systems, complete with analytics, ML model training, and risk assessment.
Providing resources to take on challenging tasks
Delivering a fault-tolerant solution
Supporting microservice architecture development for fast and stable transactions.
Servercore products for a flexible IT infrastructure
Available in Kenya, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan
Scalable and reliable data management in the cloud
Managed Cloud Databases
Effortless container orchestration for your applications
Power, performance, and control for your needs
Dedicated Servers
Virtual machines that scale with your business
Cloud Servers
Why Servercore?
High-performance hardware for any task
New hardware
24/7 tech support and in-house knowledge base
24/7 tech support
All Servercore solutions are easy to build into an integral infrastructure
Product ecosystem
Cloud solutions track record of 14+ years in Europe and the CIS
A single control panel for all products
Full resource control
Easy to monitor the resources and IT infrastructure status
Fast scaling of computing capacity without involving tech support
API access and in-house Terraform provider
You can get started with Servercore easily. Our services are available instantly.
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